Hearing loss


Hearing loss can affect patients at any age and can be caused by a host of issues – from infection and disease to excessive noise or aging. Regardless of the reason behind your hearing loss, Dr. Wallace and Dr. Smith offer comprehensive hearing evaluations for all age groups.

Hearing Evaluations

Patients that suspect they might be experiencing loss of hearing may require a hearing evaluation. Audiological evaluations typically include several tests, including:

  • Pure-tone Test: Faint sounds are played at different frequencies into the patient’s earphones, and the patient must indicate when they hear a tone.

  • Speech Audiometry: There are two parts to this test, with the first one determining how softly the patient can hear words. For the second part, the patient must repeat words back to see how clearly he/she is able to hear them.

  • Acoustic Immitance Test: A small probe is placed in one or both ear canals, and pressure is then placed on the eardrum. This is done to determine how well the eardrum vibrates and how much air is behind it.

By performing these and other tests as part of the hearing evaluation, a doctor is able to determine whether there is hearing loss, the extent of hearing loss, whether one or both ears are affected, and what treatment and management options are available.

Hearing Aids

For patients experiencing hearing loss, we offer a full line of hearing aids, including major brands. We perform professional fittings in our office to help patients select the best hearing aid option for their needs. We also offer the following excellent services at competitive prices:

  • Hearing Aid Evaluation and Sales

  • Service and Repairs

  • Batteries and Accessories

  • Trial Periods

  • Noise Protection

  • Swim Plugs


Treatment options may vary depending on the type of hearing loss and how much it has progressed. For patients with temporary or reversible hearing loss, treatment options can include taking antibiotics, decongestants or corticosteroid medicines; removing earwax; or, in some cases, undergoing surgery.

Patients with permanent hearing loss can often improve their hearing ability by using a hearing aid or other hearing device, or by undergoing cochlear implant surgery. To find out what the best course of action is for you or your child, contact Dr. Wallace or Dr. Smith about a possible hearing test or evaluation.